Sierra Exempla Colour Palette

Exempla offers a premium aesthetic alongside superior functionality. The design possibilities are endless with six timber colourways now available in two sizes of parquet as well as a full sized plank.
Exempla has a hard-wearing flooring specification to meet the demands of busy commercial environments. This range has been created with duality in mind, any floor in this section can also be laid in all areas of the home.

9742 Argent Oak

9743 Avon Oak

9744 Character Limed Oak

9745 Blossom Ash

9747 Chateau Oak

9748 Boardwalk Oak

9749 Sherry Oak

9752 Classic Sleeper

9753 Fresco Oak

9759 Reclaimed Parquet

9761 European Parquet

9562 Townhouse Parquet

9563 Renaissance Parquet

9564 Berkley Parquet

9565 Sothwold Parquet

9556 Base Cement

9758 Tempered Concrete

9557 Arista Terrazzo

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