Primo Textures Colour Palette  

Get the look of wool with all the added benefits and practicality of an easy clean carpet, with Primo Textures. A textured loop pile carpet made with 100% Excellon Polypropylene available in two popular designs, in both 4m and 5m widths.

Amulet (Ribbed)

Antelope (Ribbed)

Boulder (Weave)

Canvas (Weave)

Chalice (Weave)

Cornish Clay (Weave)

Elk (Weave)

Flaxseed (Ribbed)

Flint (Ribbed)

Hemp (Ribbed)

Moon Mist (Weave)

Pale Linen (Weave)

Pear Tree (Ribbed)

Porcini (Ribbed)

River Cane (Weave)

Sea Shale (Ribbed)

Tapestry (Weave)

Thread (Weave)

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