Knight Tile Design Palette (more designs available)

Our Knight Tile collection offers a wide range of wood planks and tiles at our most affordable prices, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The great selection of tiles reflects a wide range of natural materials from classic pale to contemporary dark stone for any space in your home.

Traditional Character Oak KP146

Cumbrian Stone ST14

Grey Limed Oak KP138

Dutch Limed Oak KP154

Portland ST13

Mid Limed Oak KP96

Classic Limed Oak KP97

Smoked Concrete ST22

Light Worn Oak KP104

Glacier Marble ST27

Rose Washed Oak SM-KP95

Bath Stone ST12

Midnight Marble SM-ST28

Grey Riven Slate ST16

White Painted Oak KP105

Basel Stone ST23

Urban Spotted Gum KP141

Black Riven Slate ST15

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