Island Weave Colour Palette

This style of loop echoes the look of natural fibre carpets like sisal and seagrass, but with the added practicality of easy-clean polypropylene yarns. Available in 2 designs and is a hard-wearing carpet that is suitable for most areas of the home and comes with a ten-year stain and wear warranty. 

Skye 03 Portland Stone

Skye 04 Silk Grey

Skye 32 Eggshell

Skye 50 Crystal Gold

Skye 53 Glace Sand

Skye 91 Platinum

Skye 92 Slate

Skye 96 Graphite

Orkney 03 Portland Stone

   Orkney 04     Silk Grey

Orkney 32 Eggshell

Orkney 50 Crysal Gold

Orkney 53 Glace Sand

Orkney 91 Platinum

Orkney 92 Slate

Orkney 96 Graphite

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