Finishes & Backing

The fibre is first tufted into a primary layer then a secondary backing will be applied. This can be made from a variety of fibres. Polypropylene, Jute and Fibre Bonded can all be found as well as rubber backings. The overall performance and style would be of most importance and there's no doubt that carpets perform much better with an underlay.




Velvet or Velour


Also known as Plush pile.  These carpets have short fibres. Several stages of shearing

creates a very smooth surface that will show footprints and track marks.






 With the deepest pile of all, a Saxony is the most luxurious. Depending on the density of tufts and the ply of the yarn. Generally the fewer tufts and rows per inch makes a more open pile which feels soft. More tufts and rows per inch will create a dense pile and feel harder.






Shag Pile






Level Loop

 As the name suggets, this is a tufted carpet where the pile is produced by loops of yarn, tufted into the primary layer. Fine, closely tufted, short loops used in many commercial applications is a very hardwearing type of construction.



Graphic & Patterned Loop

 A complex structure of high and low loops produces a texture to the finished pile, including graphic patterns. The intricacy can futher be developed with the use of colour and areas of sheared loops creating an infinite variety of design. 






Using one coloured yarn, and having a very uniform finish leaves it all to colour. 



Two cloured yarns, either twisted together or tufted individualy gives a futher dimension to the overall colour.



Wether machine or handwoven, loop, cut pile, or a combination of both an infinite variety of patterns can be produced.


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